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Multiple legal avenues— none will succeed

Early in the pandemic, United States health authorities did not advocate for the use of masks to stop the spread of COVID-19. However, their use has since been recommended in all public settings by the CDC. Polling has even shown three-quarters of Americans support a national mask mandate.

Joe Biden has called for such a mandate for months, but concedes an executive order on the matter would almost certainly fall to an inevitable legal challenge.

The basis for this concession relates to the limits of presidential power prescribed by the U.S. Constitution. However, congressional research has also shown there are…

From the War of 1812 to now

The events of January 6 were to put it simply, unprecedented. Seeing images of a seditious mob flooding through the Great Rotunda was something that many will never forget.

One of the insurrectionists was wearing a Camp Auschwitz sweatshirt, while another waved a Confederate flag. As of Sunday, five people including a Capitol Police Officer are dead as a result of the violence.

Despite the fact such an orchestrated breach of the Capitol has not occurred for over two centuries, there are numerous examples of violence throughout the building’s history. There have been shootings, bombings, as well as the infamous…

It’s the ultimate middle finger to Obama and the ‘deep state’

In an August interview with the New York Post, President Trump disclosed that he had polled his aides on the prospect of pardoning former NSA contractor Edward Snowden, going as far as saying he was open to it.

There is no doubt that the infamous 2013 leak caused a great deal of damage to America’s national security apparatus. However, I believe there is still a compelling case for why a pardon is warranted. This is despite the fact Trump previously referred to Snowden as a traitor and a spy worthy of execution.

His leaks led to institutional intelligence reforms

Since the Snowden leak, there have been several…

The best part? It’s already on your computer

I am not what you would consider to be a fast typist — on average my speed hovers around 40 words per minute. This is especially problematic as I also happen to be in law school, and as you’d expect, my day involves a lot of reading and a lot of writing.

In the beginning I was quickly overwhelmed with the amount I needed to do in order to stay ahead of my peers. I tried different note-taking systems with which I had varying degrees success. …

An outbreak was contained, but at what cost?

At the beginning of Melbourne’s second wave of COVID-19, a significant number of cases were discovered in a group of public housing towers. An investigation by the Victorian Ombudsman into the subsequent ‘hard lockdown’ of the buildings was recently released to the public.

The findings of the investigation are concerning. Not only for the organisational shortcomings of the tower operation, but also the callousness of the Victorian government’s response to the evidence presented.

With multiple clustered identified during Melbourne’s second wave, why were public housing tenants the only ones subjected to such a strict lockdown?

What occurred?

A state of emergency was…

Today I read of a family in the New Forest District of Great Britain, who were fortunate enough to discover 64 coins dating back to the 15th century while weeding their garden.

There have been several stories like this over the last few months, as people tried to keep busy as they were confined to their homes. The measures had the consequence of inspiring those who were looking for the perfect excuse to clean house, and I was no different. …

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